The term scaption was first coined in 1991. It was a contraction of Scapular Plane Elevation. It refers to lifting the arms from the sides in a slightly forward alignment.

 This position aligns with the normal anatomy of the shoulder joint. Physios often use scaption as both an assessment and rehab point. It is particularly important for assessing the function of the shoulder blade.

shoulder scaption bil 2_300.jpg

The shoulder blade is an extremely important part of shoulder rehab. In normal movement it rotates and elevates to change the position of the shoulder joint, providing a combination of strength and stability. It’s function relies mainly on good balance between 3 muscles.

·         Upper Trapezius

·         Lower Trapezius

·         Serratus Anterior

Any loss of balance in these muscles can lead to poor shoulder movement and result in impingement and pain, as well as reduced function.

While it is hard to isolate these muscles from each other, certain positions and exercises will highlight or exaggerate the function of one of these parts.

Let’s look at 3 simple exercises that you can use to train the scapular stabilisers. Each exercise will emphasise a different muscle.

Upper Trapezius Muscle is usually the most dominant, but will sometimes need strengthening. Lifting to the side to 90 degrees will emphasise its action.

Lower fibres of Trapezius are often underactive in shoulder pathology. Especially in desk workers.

The muscle most responsible for the correct rotation of the shoulder blade is the Serratus Anterior Muscle. It runs from the inside border of the scapula and wraps around to attach to the lateral trunk wall.

With any exercise program, having correct technique and appropriate progression of your exercises is critical. All of our Physios are highly experienced in identifying incorrect movements that lead to pain and pathology, and in providing appropriate exercise to correct them. We are happy to work with your Personal Trainer to guide your recovery. Gym visits for more advanced programming can also be arranged.