Did you know that we treat more Tradies for shoulder and knee injuries than back injuries?
Technical and Trades workers are more than three times as likely to be injured at work compared to other professionals.

Over 20% were from trips and falls.

Older workers in all occupations have an increased risk of injury.
Workers in the Building Industry are 143% more likely to retire early due to injury or illness than other professions.
The cost of Work Injuries is now over $60 Billion.
74% of that cost is born by the worker in lost earnings and long term medical expenses.

It is vital tradies become more aware and active in improving their health and safety. Early injury intervention and treatment through evidence-based care, including physiotherapy, must be part of the solution to prolong working careers, reduce time away from work and improve general well being.

At Northside Sports Medicine we treat a wide range of Work based injuries for trades and office workers. We can also provide education and onsite assessments. Why not call and ask how we can assist you or your business today.