Ameerun Nisha holds qualifications in both Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. After studying a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, and working in rehabilitation for two years, Ameerun subsequently completed a Post-Graduate Masters in Physiotherapy.

Ameerun has a strong passion for musculoskeletal injuries, which stems from her younger years of being very active and heavily involved in sports (swimming, touch rugby, cycling).  She continues to help patients achieve their goals through manual therapy and exercise prescription. Her strong exercise focus allows her clients to maintain activity levels around injury and continue to train. Her physiotherapy skills enable her to create rehabilitation programs that meet the ideal recovery profile for musculoskeletal injuries.

During her spare time, Ameerun enjoys the outdoors and the gym, you will most likely see her either hiking mountains or lifting weights at the gym.

Ameerun joins the Northside Sports Medicine team on a full time basis, and brings a valuable skill set to our clinic. She is available for appointments online or by calling 3350 2596.